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Our C-Suite monthly legal services membership includes:

  • A Monthly Strategy Session: Authorized members of your company can attend virtual or phone meetings with our attorneys to address any ongoing legal issues your company may be facing.
  • Monthly Live Webinars: We will create monthly digital discussion space for current legal trends and issues within the business community of our varied c-suite members. Each session will include real legal issues faced in our business community that pertain to your business. We think these sessions will prove useful to your company’s operating challenges.
  • A Template Document: Each member will receive one legal template per month tied to a preset theme. For example, if the monthly theme is employee termination rights, then the template document would be a termination letter for you to use as needed.
  • Members’ Facebook Community Page: The Facebook page is an excellent place for members to connect and access template documents. We will also use the page to feature a library of our live monthly webinars.
  • Membership Rate on Additional Services: On occasions when additional services are needed beyond your monthly strategy session, c-suite members will be charged a discounted fee.

Oakhurst Legal Group is an innovative provider of customized legal solutions. Our business law attorneys serve clients across the nation, and we offer flexible solutions across a variety of business categories. The C-Suite Legal Services membership program is a modern approach to adaptable legal services for small and medium-sized companies that do not require the need of full-time legal counsel. Our uniquely experienced lawyers can provide insight into the legal requirements these companies face. Drawing on years of experience working as members of corporate legal teams, we help our clients develop strategies and solve business related legal issues. Joining our C-Suite Legal Services program gives clients access to useful legal knowledge and case strategy for those instances when you need practical business law counsel and advisement.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that you may have questions about this innovative take on small business legal representation, and we’ve provided answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime using our online form.

    • How much does this plan cost? C-suite membership plans start at $300 per month.
    • Can I add more to my plan? Absolutely! You can add services such as trademark search and registration, employment matters, contract review and negotiation, managing commercial transactions, and more!
    • How do we pay for services? Payment will be withdrawn automatically every month for a quarter. After three months, your account will be reviewed to ensure we are meeting your service need. We can help you edit your plan during this time. If your plan doesn’t require changes, then you will be charged as usual.
    • How much advance notice is needed to schedule a consultation? Consultations must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. If you have an emergency need, please contact our offices, and we will accommodate your request via phone or virtual meeting.
    • Can I email the attorney? General and brief emails are included in your membership plan. Questions that require more detailed responses will be billed at an hourly member rate.
    • What if I need more time than described? You can have as much time as you need! However, time outside the membership plan will be billed at an hourly member rate.
    • How can I get started? Fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you. Once payment is made, you will receive information with steps to access our member services.

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      - Andy Goh
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      “Darlene was super professional and a joy to work with. She was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions promptly. I will definitely work with this firm again in the future!”

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      “She [Darlene] is the best. Very personable, easy to talk to, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend her services.”

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    • I had a wonderful experience establishing my LLC, thanks to Darlene Harris!

      “I had a wonderful experience establishing my LLC, thanks to Darlene Harris! She was engaged, answering all of my questions thoroughly during our consultation, was immediately responsive in email and ...”

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      “Darlene represented me in the charge I caught in Concord, NC. A friend of mines recommended her for hire had nothing but good things to say her professionalism and true indeed he was on point from ...”

      - PJ Anderson

    Our Victories Speak for Themselves

    • Successful Petition for E-2 Visas Auto Investor Ari Heikkinen and Wife Kaarina Received E-2 Visas

      Sherrod Seward of Oakhurst Legal Group successfully petitioned for E-2 investor visas for Finland national Ari Heikkinen and his spouse, Kaarina Heikkinen.

    • Successful Not Guilty Verdict DUI Charge

      Client was found not guilty at trial due to a successful litigation strategy crafted and used by Attorney Harris.

    • Successful Case Dismissal Felony Charge

      Client charged with felony inciting a riot. After disputing the evidence presented by the D.A. and noting their obvious lack of evidence, this case was dismissed prior to trial.

    • Successful Case Dismissal Felony Possession of Marijuana Charge

      Client charged with possession of marijuana for edible foods. After disputing the lack of evidence and proof in the case, charges were dismissed prior to trial.

    • Successful Case Dismissal Local Ordinance Violation

      Client charged with violating a local ordinance. Attorney Harris argued that the ordinance itself was unlawful therefore, in the interest of justice the case should be dismissed prior to trial.

    • Three-Year Visa Approved Obaika Racing, LLC President and CEO Approved for Three-Year Visa

      We effectively petitioned for a three-year approval for Obaika Racing, LLC superstar Victor Obaika’s L-1A status.

    • Television Broadcast Host Receives O-1B Visa For The Role Of Hockey Analyst
    • World Class Boxer Receives O-1 Visa With Nel-Sons Promotions
    • World Class Boxer Receives O-1 Visa With Nel-Sons Promotions
    • World Class Boxer Receives O-1 Visa With Nel-Sons Promotions
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