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  • Successful Petition for E-2 Visas
    Auto Investor Ari Heikkinen and Wife Kaarina Received E-2 Visas
    Sherrod Seward of Oakhurst Legal Group successfully petitioned for E-2 investor visas for Finland national Ari Heikkinen and his spouse, Kaarina Heikkinen.
  • Successful Not Guilty Verdict
    DUI Charge
    Client was found not guilty at trial due to a successful litigation strategy crafted and used by Attorney Harris.
  • Successful Case Dismissal
    Felony Charge
    Client charged with felony inciting a riot. After disputing the evidence presented by the D.A. and noting their obvious lack of evidence, this case was dismissed prior to trial.
  • Successful Case Dismissal
    Felony Possession of Marijuana Charge
    Client charged with possession of marijuana for edible foods. After disputing the lack of evidence and proof in the case, charges were dismissed prior to trial.
  • Successful Case Dismissal
    Local Ordinance Violation
    Client charged with violating a local ordinance. Attorney Harris argued that the ordinance itself was unlawful therefore, in the interest of justice the case should be dismissed prior to trial. Case was dismissed prior to trial. With a clean record, ...
  • Three-Year Visa Approved
    Obaika Racing, LLC President and CEO Approved for Three-Year Visa
    We are glad to report a successful L-1A petition. We effectively petitioned for a three-year approval for Obaika Racing, LLC superstar Victor Obaika’s L-1A status. Victor is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Obaika Racing, LLC, the first ...