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  • I am forever grateful.

    I have been a client for Darlene Harris for about 3 years. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. I am forever grateful for her. Thanks!

    - Jarrell

    Categories: Criminal
  • Darlene is flat out AMAZING.

    Darlene is flat out AMAZING. I’m a community activist and get arrested regularly—there isn’t another person in Charlotte I want to defend my civil rights. She has won every one of my cases! Darlene is thorough and DETAILED. She was one of the lawyers of choice during the #CharlotteUprising. I love that she is a FIGHTER and will NOT play, and still maintains excellent relationships with the Meck County DA’s office and CMPD. I wish I could give her 100 stars. First pick from my top 10 lawyers in Charlotte.

    - Jennifer

    Categories: Criminal
  • Attorney Darlene Harris has been a trusted legal guide for many years.

    Attorney Darlene Harris has been a trusted legal guide for many years. Confidently I am assured that she is always defending and advising me with integrity and a thorough understanding of the law!

    - Robbie

    Categories: Criminal
  • Best in the Business!
    Best in the business! Was having issues getting a sports visa approved and ever since day one after we switched and started working with Sherrod, the experience was outstanding. Very knowledgeable, professional, and will always be available throughout the process. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere.

    - Andre Berenzon

  • This Firm Pays Attention to Detail and Is Always Accessible.
    This firm pays attention to detail and is always accessible. They are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. I highly recommend them.

    - LaFarran Durman

  • My overall experience was superior!

    I’ve worked with a number of attorneys but it was such a great experience to engage with counsel that truly understood my business needs and how to explain the legality of our project. My overall experience was superior!

    - Robbie McNair

  • Mr. Seward Works Incredibly Hard for His Clients and Gets the Job Done!
    Professional sports attorney with a wealth of knowledge in this field! Mr. Seward works incredibly hard for his clients and gets the job done!

    - Lanita W.

  • If I could put 10 stars I would.
    If I could put 10 stars I would. Thank you so much for your support in helping with my visa.

    - George Hillyard

  • Sherrod Is Extremely Knowledgeable, Helpful and Dependable.
    Sherrod is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and dependable. He was instrumental in resolving our issue and I would recommend his services to anyone!

    - Ashlee E.

  • Sherrod Works Hard for His Clients...

    Sherrod works hard for his clients and I would definitely recommend his services.

    - Seth Seward

  • Oakhurst Immigration Law Gives You That Feeling of Family Immediately.
    When it comes to immigration law finding a firm that’s both knowledgeable, and efficient is not always easy. Oakhurst Immigration Law gives you that feeling of family immediately. While certain aspects of immigration can be confusing and processing times daunting. Oakhurst always kept us in the know and pressed to get everything processed in the fastest time possible. Highly recommend for any of your immigration law needs.

    - Curtis Williams

  • Professional, Attentive, and a Great Personality.

    Professional, attentive, and great personality. It’s great to have professionals that truly care.

    - Ivan M. K. Bradley

  • Oakhurst Immigration Law Is the Best Law Firm for All Types of Visas.
    Oakhurst Immigration Law is the best law firm for all types of visas. Free telephone consultation with detailed instructions on immigration. Special thanks to Sherrod Seward from my international boxers, UFC fighters and coaches for the prompt visa processing and renewal.

    - Fight Factory Gym

  • Sherrod Is a Consummate Professional.
    Sherrod is a consummate professional whose passion for immigration and combat sports drives his business. He’s great at what he does because it does not work for him, it’s love.

    - Former Client

  • The Best Immigration Lawyer in the USA.
    The best immigration lawyer in the USA. Top Lawer in States. I highly recommend Sherrod Seward. Special thanks to Sherrod Seward for one of my case, P-1 Visa in 6 days no one will beat this record.

    - Fight Factory Gym

  • Excellent Attorney!
    Excellent attorney! The best in sports immigration. Especially for swimmers and track athletes.

    - Former Client

  • Sherrod and His Team Are Very Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable About Sports Visa's and Easy to Talk To.
    Sherrod and his team are very professional, extremely knowledgeable about sports visa's and easy to talk to. His work with our community workshops makes him one of the top experts in the field

    - Sheena Maria

  • Sherrod Is Amazing at What He Does!
    Sherrod is amazing at what he does! Not only does his professionalism speak volumes, but he always simplifies things for me when it comes to legalities (that’s not my lane). I’ve worked with Sherrod to establish several LLCs and trademarks — but where he’s helped me the most has been creating and reviewing legal contracts and other documents for my business. Without him, I’d have no idea where to start or what to look for when signing or having people sign important documents that I need! Thank you Sherrod for all that you do!

    - Get Fit with Chrys